Specific Aims

Specific aims of NanoTEST are:

  • To define parameters describing properties of NP, and to carry out particle characterization.
  • To study specific and nonspecific interactions of NP with molecules, cells and organs and to develop in vitro methods which can identify the toxicological potential of NP. 
  • To validate in vitro findings in short-term in vivo models, to study manifestation of particle effects in animals and humans, and to assess individual susceptibility in the response to NPs.
  • To perform Structure-Activity modelling and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling of NP.
  • To adapt the most advanced and promising assays for high-throughput automated systems and to prepare for validation by ECVAM

Our goal is to define reference biological markers, using relevant in vitro models of toxicology which can be used by other researchers and technologists to test the possible toxicity of medical (or other) NP, in order to reduce animal experiments as much as possible.

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