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NanoTEST was finished March 31st 2012, however the website is still open and will be updated to incldude new publications etc. A special issue in Nanotoxicology is under preparation, and all NanoTEST partners are involved.

The coordinator would like to thank all partners for great collaboration, and we are proud of all the important results we have obtained during these 4 years.
7th March 2012: NanoTEST Workshop
8th March 2012: NanoTEST Symposium

The workshop and symposium are open to all, please contact
Lise Fjellsbø for registration.
Agenda is now available, please follow link for more information..

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29th - 31st of March 2011 both workshop and 3rd annual meeting is arranged for the NanoTEST consortium. The meetings will be held in Paris, France.   
Positions are now taken. We thank all who applied, and congratulate our new colleagues
NanoTOES – an Initial Training Network under the PEOPLE Programme of the 7th Framework Programme – is offering a total of 11 PhD positions and 2 postdoctoral positions. The members of the NanoTOES consortium are 12 partner organizations, including universities, non-university research institutions and industry, which will perform a joint study on the impact of Nanomaterials on Health and Environment. Each member will contribute as host of a PhD student or postdoctorial position.  Positions are expected to be filled with a starting date of 1st May 2011. For more information please open the full announcement.   
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